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Before Exploring: Pre-lesson
Students may require some context to better explore and understand the Republic of the Rio Grande before beginning a deep dive visit to the story. To achieve this, you may wish to explain that it emerged as an independent nation, separate from Mexico and distinct from the region of Texas that had not yet established independence as a republic. The Republic of the Rio Grande was built from necessity—its people saw it as a requirement for economic and military freedom and security. 


Using the Online Exhibit
A full understanding of the Republic of the Rio Grande will emerge through either the online exhibit or a visit to the exhibit in person.  

Encourage students to explore the themes of leadership, perseverance, independence. Ask them how these stories are relevant to their lives today and to others living around the world and seeking economic and military protection. 


Using the Curriculum and Lessons

Three units are offered. Each can be accessed from the “Home Page” which is the online exhibit.  

Leadership: This unit encourages students of all ages to explore leaders in the Republic of the Rio Grande’s quest for independence.  It then asks students to consider who is a leader today, what leaders possess for qualities, and how they might develop their own leadership skills. 


Preserving the Past: The story of the Republic of the Rio Grande is

told in a museum that once was the capitol building for the Republic. 

The museum’s staff work hard at preserving this history through exhibits, programs, and collections.  They also work hard at preserving the historically significant building that exemplifies period architecture. The

unit encourages students to work at preserving their own histories and learning about preservation work.

Daily Life: In 1840, the time of the Republic of the Rio Grande, life was harder than it is now by some measures.  Students are encouraged to use the Unit to learn just how life was different and how it is the same for people their age.  


Texas standards for education are noted throughout. 

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